An overview of Siemens Group’s activities

From a small workshop in the backyard of a house in Berlin to becoming the most prestigious brand in the world...
There are few companies in the world that have such a long history. And when you look back at all this, you see nothing but success… Anyone who looks at the history of Siemens will witness an exciting and extraordinary development over the years. This company was initially a simple startup in the industry of advanced electrical technologies. And today, after more than 170 years, this company, which started with 10 people on the 19th street of Berlin, is a global giant in the industry and a leader and innovator in the invention of technology in many advanced industries of the world. SIEMENS industrial group is the largest company producing electronic and engineering products and systems in the world. 761,000 employees around the world are working for this complex. There are more than 900 thousand shareholders in Siemens and the economic activities of this successful group are being carried out in more than 190 countries in the form of more than 600 manufacturers, agencies, research and development centers. With 3,200 employees, the Siemens Research and Development Center is committed to using its maximum capacity for innovation and invention in the required sectors with the aim of maintaining and improving its leading position in the global market. In fiscal year 2010, Siemens Group had 8,929 global patents, which is unique in its kind.

The history of Siemens and its contribution to the development of human civilization

By knowing the history of Siemens, you will realize the important and effective role of Siemens in the evolution of technology in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world. In this very brief and brief section, we will take a look at the historical Siemens company. Join us on an exciting journey through time…

  • In 1847, Siemens was founded by an inventor and scientist named Werner von Siemens in Germany.
  • In 1847, with the invention of Punter telegraph, the foundation of human communication systems was changed forever.
  • In 1866, the first generator and the first direct current (DC) generator was built.
  • The invention of the electric train in 1879 AD, the first tram in 1881 AD and the first electric bus in 1882 AD took place in this complex.
  • In 1880 AD, the technology of generators was used to build an elevator so that mankind could get to know the elevator for the first time.
  • In 1882, X-rays entered medical science through the technologies of the Siemens Group, and the most important technological step was taken for the treatment and prevention industry in the era of modernity.
Siemens Group had a great impact on human life in the 19th century by providing countless examples of inventions.
With the beginning of the 20th century, Siemens started extensive and detailed cooperation in China.
These projects, which are well-known projects such as the Shanghai subway, Guangzhou subway, Shenzhen subway, Maglu high-speed train in Shanghai, and the relocation project of the famous Yangtze River forks, etc. were followed by many other projects such as the definition of converter units, telecommunication protocols, direct code division multiple access (D-CDMA) and… caused the activity of this company to develop greatly in China.
Siemens Group, since its foundation until today, has provided all its efforts and research in the direction of the growth of humanity and innovation.