Service and maintenance

Elevators are a very important and vital part of office, residential and commercial buildings, however, just like any other mechanical system, they require maintenance to maintain smooth operation and the safety of its users. Failure to service and maintain the elevator can lead to expensive repairs or even irreparable accidents. Next, we’ll talk about the importance of elevator maintenance and provide an elevator maintenance checklist to help you keep your elevator in top shape.
Elevator delivery

The after-sales service department at Siemens sends elevator quality testing and evaluation staff to the project site to check the performance and efficiency of the product before the official launch.


You will see nothing but the ability and skill of engineers and technical employees throughout the installation process of Siemens elevators. Installing the elevator, like all technical works, requires knowledge and...

customer services

In the Siemens management system, the best and most suitable elevator is suggested for youruser,so that the productivity, performance and features suitable for your desired environment are predicted in it.

After-sales service

Siemens Group has always paid special attention and importance to the research and development of repair technology. We choose products that, if not unique in their kind, are definitely rare.

Quick service

With a call to Siemens service centers, experts and professional support staff for this company's products will respond to you within 30 minutes to one hour and...

After delivery

The after-sales service department of Siemens elevators records the information and details of the sale and installation of each product in the company's main network, and based on that, all monitoring and

Why is elevator service and maintenance important?

One of the most important reasons mentioned for regular service and maintenance of elevators is to improve the safety and performance of these devices in the long term. Considering that elevators are continuously moving and move many passengers in buildings and offices, periodic and quality maintenance ensures that the device is ready for the next use and does not cause any defects in its performance.
For example, checking the health and safety of the electronic and mechanical parts of the device, as well as adjusting the speed of the elevator and the opening and closing time of the doors, can prevent accidents.
Also, by performing regular service and maintenance, you can be sure of keeping the elevators in optimal conditions and preventing the premature loss of parts and accessories. Considering the high cost of elevator repair and replacement, using regular service and maintenance can be the most economical way to create a long life for the device.