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office elevator

Traffic management in office buildings is a very important issue. One of the most important issues of an office building is traffic during the busy hours of the first morning and the end of office hours, and managing elevator stops on floors and rapid movement of people. Also, managing the traffic during the hours of serving food to the personnel of organizations or carrying unusual loads in the office building and not interfering with the traffic of personnel or clients is one of the important issues of office buildings.

Optimum Performance Management

Siemens elevators, in addition to traffic management, which is very important during peak traffic hours of office complexes, also thinks about managing the design of your elevator cabin without wasting space and the maximum capacity in the dimensions of the elevator space of your building. It also reduces your costs by controlling energy consumption in trips without passengers or with the number of passengers less than the capacity of your elevator.

High level traffic management

If the traffic of special people or high-ranking guests is high in your office building, we can provide facilities for your high-ranking managers and their guests to be directed to the management floor or meeting room with the best service and without any worries.

Exclusive design of door closing time adjustment for Siemens car lifts

  • Due to the high traffic in public elevators with commercial or office use, the Siemens elevator cabin ventilation system adjusts the air conditioning inside the elevator for you.
  • Siemens elevator cabins are anti-stain, and this makes the maintenance and cleaning of the cabin much easier for operators of high-traffic buildings.
  • If your office building is located in a hot area, we will install a very high-quality air conditioning and cooling system for your elevator cabin so that you always have fresh air and the right temperature and enjoy traveling with Siemens elevators to the fullest….< /li>
  • Also, we have thought about the emergency conditions and facilities that your elevator can have….