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hospital elevator

Siemens’ new technology is your protection and safety factor and takes care of you with its special functions. Siemens hospital elevators have a wide intelligent control system that makes the passengers of this line move in comfort and safety.

The high level of hygiene of Siemens elevator cabins

  • Due to the high sensitivity of compliance with health and virus cases in hospitals, the cabin of Siemens hospital line elevators is completely antibacterial. Since Siemens is the world’s top brand in the line of medical equipment, it always has a different view on human health, especially people who are suffering from diseases.
This thinking and attention to patients who have a more vulnerable immune system has caused a lot of attention to maintain health and hygiene in Siemens hospital line elevators.
  • Siemens elevator cabin air conditioning system is smart and of very high quality. But we have provided the facilities of independent cooling and air conditioning system for these elevators.

Sterilized elevator cabin, a natural oxygen environment

Similar to all vitamins in food, negative oxygen ions in the air have important effects on people’s lives. The increase of negative oxygen ions can improve the air quality in the elevator cabin and provide favorable conditions for patients.

The importance of every minute in saving human lives

In the scene of the competition to save people’s lives that occurs every day in hospitals, the special function of “Emergency Channel” is designed for the SE series, which is very efficient.

Sterilization of cabinets from infection with the ultraviolet system

Considering the fact that different people use Biaristan elevators, Siemens designed and installed the elevator cabin sterilization system, an ultraviolet system, in its hospital line. This system is an anti-virus tool that works automatically. This system kills viruses when the elevator is empty of passengers. These ultraviolet rays have different functions such as killing viruses, sterilizing, dissolving pollution, removing smoke, etc. It is necessary to explain that the performance of this system fully complies with the requirements of medical institutions and high international standards.

The precision flat layer technology brings comfort to patients

The advanced intelligent technology of the flat layer used in these elevators, with very high precision with a difference of only 0.5 mm in level, provides the possibility for disabled people or wheelchair patients to enter and exit the elevator with ease. become

Emergency channel design

Siemens knows that in hospitals, sometimes the condition of patients is such that they may have emergency conditions during transfer, or they may come to the hospital with special emergency conditions. When emergency rescue is necessary, pressing “first aid” of the elevator immediately puts you in the “emergency channel” mode and does not accept any other requests.
In this case, a special direct channel is formed, which is relatively an independent operating system. When the patient enters the elevator, the elevator goes directly to the target floor to save the patient’s life as quickly and easily as possible.