The memory of a great purchase with Siemens intelligent systems ...

commercial building

Comfortable and high-quality transportation through our smart elevators and escalators, especially during the hours when the traffic of visitors is high, speeds up the movement and creates a good feeling and satisfaction in the minds of the visitors, and this speeding up the movement can lead to more purchases from the complex. be commercialized Also, this sense of satisfaction is effective in repeating people’s visits to the commercial complex.

Traffic management and energy saving

In the management of passenger movement and traffic control in automatic stairs and corridors, there are small points that you may never notice. Addressing the small and important issues of traffic management in the commercial complex is one of the features of Siemens systems.
Siemens smart escalator system adjusts its speed according to the volume of traffic at different times of the day by managing the amount of traffic. In addition to providing better service to the clients of the commercial complex, this feature is also very effective in energy consumption and managing the amount of parts depreciation.

Remote monitoring

Siemens automatic escalators and corridors can be controlled remotely. Despite this system, many defects and technical problems can be solved online from the management and support center of the company.

This Siemens intelligent system is capable of predicting the problems that will arise for your escalators in the near future and notifying you online.

A unique feature in your business complex….

By analyzing the plan of your commercial complex and coordinating the operation of the elevators and escalators of the commercial complex, by designing the best traffic system and moving people, we try to create the most added value for your business units.