Cargo elevator

"Designing a user-friendly experience , makes transporting your car easy and intimate."

Cargo elevator

The car lift, with its user-friendly design, brings a comfortable and friendly experience to users when transporting cars. According to the needs of the users, the prestigious Siemens brand has specially designed systems to make the movement of the car inside the elevator easy and safe.

Super intelligent automatic car lift service

Siemens has considered special conditions for car safety in this series of elevators. Based on this, this series of elevators is equipped with a smart and automatic optoelectronic system, which is used to detect the position of the car. In this way, when your car approaches the elevator cabin, the elevator door will be opened automatically and after the car is properly placed in the cabin, the doors will be closed automatically.

Exclusive design for setting the door closing time for Siemens car lifts

The elevator door closing delay control system, specially designed for the Siemens car elevator series, allows you to safely enter the elevator with your car.

Siemens has used the highest technology in the world for your comfort.

Smooth and high-quality movement is one of the prominent features of the Siemens brand. The sensitivity of the Siemens brand in motion management to the extent that it has its own patents in the world. Naturally, this feature can also be seen in this series of elevators.