About us

Discover the essence of innovation and quality with Panasun
Currently, Panasun company has all types of passenger elevators, office elevators, commercial elevators, hospital elevators, freight elevators and car elevators, elevators used in high-traffic areas, special elevators for security buildings, villa lifts, panoramic elevators, escalators, walkways, and other lifting products. supplies and presents to the market.
At the same time, this company imports all kinds of passenger and panoramic elevators with high diversity and escalators and automatic walkways with high security for buildings with different uses with the best quality and the most up-to-date Siemens technologies that are known in the world, and provides all engineering, installation, repair and maintenance services to An important part of the company’s activities is provided to its customers.

Our goals

This company was established with the aim of improving the level of quality and security to have stable buildings and create comfort and peace for the residents of these buildings. At the same time as the demand for the construction of high-rise buildings, large commercial complexes, mega projects and the development of the urban transportation system increased, attention to the quality and technology of elevators and escalators became more important. Although in this part of the construction market, the issue of speed and quality of performance is very important; But the issue of health, safety and peace of passengers is a much more serious concern for the builders, buyers and operators of this category of buildings.

Siemens official representative

Siemens is one of the leaders in the field of producing superior and innovative elevators. With several years of experience in this industry, Siemens is known as a familiar name in the field of advanced technologies and superior quality. We are proud to design and manufacture elevators that, in addition to high safety, have unparalleled performance and ease of use. Our team consists of experienced engineers and expert experts who, using advanced technologies and innovative methods, provide elevators that provide passengers with a safe and enjoyable experience. We emphasize on providing superior after-sales service and close communication with our customers, as their satisfaction is our priority.

Siemens History

Ernst von Siemens, an engineer, German industrialist, and the inventor of the world’s first electric elevator, founded Siemens in 1847 in the city of Berlin. This company started its activities with 10 staff on 19th Street in Berlin as a simple startup, and over more than 170 years, it is now known as a global giant in the industry and the largest innovative and pioneering conglomerate in inventing technology. Siemens operates in many advanced industries around the world, including: telecommunications and electrical equipment, control systems, household appliances, various types of trains, power generation equipment, automated medical equipment, and fire alarm systems, and is the world’s largest producer of electronic and engineering products and systems.

Factory introduction

The German company SIEMENS, specializing in the production of Automation and Drive systems, which form the core of elevators, has the capability to manufacture various types of passenger and panoramic elevators (with machine room and machine-room-less) with high diversity, catering to different building applications, along with the production of escalators and automatic walkways.
Elevator company XIDE, an experienced player in the elevator manufacturing industry in China, is a strategic partner of SIEMENS in the Automation and Drives sector for elevator and escalator production. These products are manufactured in a vast and advanced factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, fully automated and robotic, in mass quantities. This factory, spanning an area of over 105,000 square meters, includes administrative and research and development spaces covering 6,500 square meters.

In Tower Test Complex, there is an elevator system consisting of one elevator with a speed of 10 meters per second and three elevators with speeds of 6, 8, and 4 meters per second. The annual production capacity of this massive factory in the elevator division alone is 28,000 units. The factory’s quality control system comprises 27 layers of control, through which all manufactured goods must pass.

XIDE Company holds Class A certificates for production, installation, and maintenance, an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality control management system, an ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environmental management system, and a GB/T 28001-2001 certificate for occupational health management system. Up to now, this company has successfully registered 50 exclusive patents and has received the Chinese government’s environmental certificate related to engineering in construction.